The DeSci Identity Registry

Link your web accounts, verify your academic credentials and interact with DeSci dApps using the Holonym Protocol

Interact with DeSci dApps ✨

Link your academic credentials, become discoverable by web applications, and bridge your research activity between smart contracts and common academic web services.

Claim your DeSci Reputation 🔬

Prove your academic identity on smart contract blockchains and create a public persona to build your reputation. Link digital impact of your research into the Web3 ecosystem.

DeSci Day 04/20

Catch our Soft Launch at Devconnect in Amsterdam

We're launching the first Web3 "yellow pages" for science on DeSci Day at Devconnect, 4/20/2022. This will introduce holistic, persistent academic credentials for scientists on the decentralized web. There may be an exclusive drop for early DeSci adopters 🤫

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Claim an Early Access Badge NFT to support the development of this project. Identities holding this badge will unlock new features and perks before they become available to the public.

Discover Verified Identities from any dApp 👉

Holonym isn't just for DeSci dApps. Holos are portable, universal, and compatible with any smart contract or web service integration. Your imagination is the only limit. What will you do with Turing-complete identity on-chain?

Are you an academic researcher, organization, or service provider?

We would love to hear from you. How would you use a self-sovereign persistent identifier to improve your research?

Are you a developer?

Add two lines of code to your smart contract to integrate verification with Holo in your dApp.

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